How To Transport A Mattress

by | Jan 7, 2024

The best way to transport a mattress during house removals is by leaving this task to our trained specialists. We will bring the equipment and materials with us. Our team will inspect the mattress before wrapping and we will protect it ready to go. Your mattress will be protected against mud, dirt, and rain. But how do we do it and can you do it yourself?

Mattress Moving Cover

What Is Our Mattress Protection Process?

    When you entrust the moving of your mattress to Movivan Removals, our expert team follows a meticulous process to ensure your mattress is properly protected and securely transported. Here’s what you can expect from our specialized service:

    • Pre-Move Inspection: Our movers begin by conducting a thorough examination of your mattress to document its initial condition, capturing any pre-existing damage or stains.
    • Optional Surface Cleaning: Although not a standard part of our service, upon request we can lightly clean the mattress to remove any surface dust or particles.
    • Specialized Plastic Cover: We use high-quality, heavy-duty plastic mattress bags specifically designed to fit snugly around your mattress, offering maximum protection from dirt, moisture, and other potential hazards.
    • Sealing and Fastening: After the mattress is encased in the plastic bag, it is tightly sealed with tape. Additional tape may be applied around the width of the mattress to keep the cover securely in place.
    • Additional Protection Layers: For particularly sensitive or high-value mattresses, our team can provide an extra layer of protection by wrapping the mattress in bubble wrap or moving blankets, fastening them securely with moving straps or additional tape.
    • Labeling for Identification: Before loading the mattress onto our state-of-the-art moving trucks, we attach a label indicating the room from which the mattress was sourced or its intended destination room in the new home. This ensures that there’s no confusion during the unpacking process.
    • Careful Loading: Our trained staff then carefully loads your wrapped and labeled mattress onto the moving truck, using techniques that minimize the risk of any damage.
    • Secure Transportation: Once on board, the mattress is secured in place using straps or ropes to prevent any movement or shifting during the journey.

    With these steps, Movivan Removals aims to make the relocation of your mattress as seamless and worry-free as possible, ensuring it arrives at your new home in optimal condition.

    How You Can Protect Your Mattress Before We Come?

      Buy a mattress moving cover or wrapping folio

      Before you dismantle your bed and move the mattress you will need some equipment for wrapping. The quickest way to protect your expensive mattress is to buy a ready-made mattress cover. Alternatively, a cheaper option could be getting some wrapping folio ( pallet wrap ). After you wrap your mattress, there still will be plenty of wrapping folio left to wrap many other items too.

      Prepare the mattress for wrapping

      Once you have the cover ready, you can start preparing the mattress. Make sure there is enough space in your room, as mattresses are big and heavy. As a professional moving company, Movivan trains all our employees to work together when wrapping a mattress. This is a 2 men job, as one person needs to hold the mattress, while the removal specialist is either putting the cover on or wrapping it with folio.

      Ask someone from your family to help hold the mattress steady, so you can protect it. Before you start make enough space in the room. Move some light furniture to other rooms if needed.

      Remove everything

      When preparing to wrap the mattress for moving, remove all pillows, duvets, and any sheets and comforters. Wrap the mattress by itself. Inspect if the mattress is dry and check for any signs of infestations.

      Do not bend the mattress when wrapping

      Check if your mattress can be folded. If you do not have any instructions left since when you bought it, you can check online. Most mattresses cannot be folded, as if you do it you won`t be able to use it. A mattress with a spring or coil inner must not be folded as you will damage it and you will have to throw your mattress away.

      Place your mattress somewhere safe until we come

      Once the mattress is wrapped, but there is still time to move lean it somewhere safe to avoid falling over your TV or even your children. Mattresses are typically heavy and can cause some serious damage. While the wrapped mattress is still inside your home, lean it against the wall towards one side and not upright as it might bend or fall.

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