Removals and Storage

Clean, Safe and Affordable Storage in London for short or long-term!

Julia Stafford
Julia Stafford
Ask for Marios and Loco. Really nice guys. Both worked very hard and consistently. They were also very kind when our young children thought they were “helping” but probably getting in the way. House moves are horrible and stressful. Having genuinely nice people makes a big difference.
Nadine Harb
Nadine Harb
The team is exceptional !! They have performed an amazing job, very efficient, helpful and polite. Thank you so much Marios, Delyan, Georgi, Gurami for your help. I highly recommend them !
RebeccaJasmin Hillier
RebeccaJasmin Hillier
I am extremely impressed by the service we received. Quick and careful. The team picked up items from an unorganised storage, put them all nicely inside a van, carried them up a 3rd floor flat, without a lift. Hassle free and quick. Thank you so much to the team: MARIOS, ASEN & GEORGI. You guys made this move, completely stress-free!
jaqui ross
jaqui ross
Fantastic service. We used the full pack and move from LondontoGlasgow. Everything was bubble wrapped and packed with care. They even took all the pictures etc off the walls. Great communication from the staff. Someone visited to assess before the very reasonable quote. He was so lovely and patient with my elderly mum. The movers let us know when they would arrive so we could be there, and they unpacked and put everything in the correct rooms. All we had to do was move the clothes out the wardrobe box into the actual wardrobe and unpack the kitchen boxes. They even brought a few items that hadn't been quoted for. Great service, highly recommend 👌
Martina Allan
Martina Allan
I can't praise these guys enough! We had a four bedroomed house to move. An army of men came and packed on the Monday and by 10.30am on Tuesday, the whole house, garden, garage, and contents of two sheds was loaded into 4 vans and enroute to our new home by the south coast. By 4.30pm everything was unloaded and beds and furniture reassembled. The guys worked hard and were very respectful from start to finish. They were also competitive with their price and we got a discount as chose to return the boxes to be reused. Nothing was too much trouble for these guys, we would absolutely recommend them! Very happy customer. ☺️
Patrick Joseph
Patrick Joseph
It was my first experience using removal company and very worried with the cost, i had about 10 company response with high cost which i can not afford, Movivan called me with great authority and willing to take a challenge what i was wanted to listen from the company, he assured me of every possible difficulties to be taken care of, I told him about the load of 3 bedroom stuff and family of 5 belongings, he came up with all the assurance and quote me unbelievable less than half the cost of the others minimum quote, this was cheapest, half the cost of minimum from all other company. The guys who came for removal were so nice and willing to do more than what i asked, I have no personal interest with this company, and was my first time with them.I can praise them highly and can recommend them from top of my heart, you can not go wrong with them.just try them once and you will be giving them same review as mine.
Fiona Harris
Fiona Harris
Excellent service from beginning to end. These gentlemen took on a job at very short notice, they were very professional and knew what they were doing. Thank you so much!
Giuse Pucino
Giuse Pucino
Used Movivan for our move from Herts to South Cambs - they were fantastic. Our entire life was in 2 storage containers, they sorted and loaded their vans with expert precision and when it came to unloading they were just as efficient. I would definitely recommend.
Ivanna C.
Ivanna C.
I can’t say enough good things about this company. From the quote to completion. Miro was my contact person through the whole thing, he was kind, professional and most importantly worked with my needs. I had a tiny bit of a complicated move they handled it like stars, even getting everything done before the initial timeframes we discussed!! The guys who packed our things and physically moved everything we’re things of LEGEND. Not one thing was broken and I have more bar glasses then I’d like to admit. I honestly just can’t say enough about them. Everyone I interacted with was so pleasant and professional. Thank you Miro and Movivan for making this stressful time as stress free as possible!!!! I highly recommend you use this company for any removal needs!
Angelika Applin
Angelika Applin
I was very impressed professional way Philip and his team executed my move from London to Norwich. They were on time, had in no time everything loaded no matter how difficult it was. Job well done!!

Removals and Storage For Home And Office

Our removals and storage London services take the stress out, making it as simple as having a cup of tea. Movivan is like a friendly neighbour, always ready to help you move your stuff, whether it’s just a few boxes or your entire home. We place your properly protected belongings into our dry and secure storage containers. Using our storage is simple and affordable. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach us to get more precise answers and to obtain accurate removals and storage quote.

Removals and Storage

Combined Removals And Storage Benefits

When you choose a service that combines moving and storage, it’s like having a one-stop shop for your big move. It’s not only easier and more affordable since you’re dealing with just one company, but it also means your belongings are handled less, reducing the chance of anything getting damaged. This kind of service is super handy if you need some time to sort out your new space, offering a flexible solution for storing your stuff. It saves you a bunch of time and effort, letting you focus on settling into your new place. Most importantly, it gives you a sense of calm, knowing that everything from packing to storing is taken care of by the pros.

Removals and Storage

What Storage Containers We Use To Store Your Items?

At Movivan Removals, we utilize sturdy wooden storage unit containers, which are the standard choice across most London removal and storage companies. These containers are specifically designed for durability and safety, ensuring your items are well-protected while in storage.

How Much You Can Fit?

We have different types and sizes of storage space. On the ground floor, we have standard small containers with a total volume of 250 c.ft. A 25 sq. ft storage container is the size of a small garden shed or hallway closet. If storing boxes only, you will be able to fit 60 book boxes for moving. Alternatively, you can fit a single mattress, washing machine, 5 suitcases, 20 boxes, 2 bedside tables and a bike. Here is a list of the typical items which can be placed into our wooden storage containers:

  • Boxes, suitcases, and bags
  • Small furniture like dining chairs, office chairs, side tables and a chest of drawers
  • Any small appliances including washing machines, dryers and standard-size fridges
  • Dismantled beds and short wardrobes
  • Garden tools, bikes and small garden furniture
  • Small fitness equipment and weights
  • Small computer desks, office chairs, printers and screens

Any large and bulky items can be wrapped and placed on a pallet. If the large item is not heavy, we can place it on the first floor, where the storage units are big, tall, and wide. If you are not sure how much storage space you will need, call us at 0208 0033 260, or simply press the button and submit your request today.

Top Removal and Storage Service


We transport, store and deliver your belongings 7 days per week. We provide protection service too.

All Size Units

You can store anything- from a single item to all your house or office posessions. We can provide all sizes storage units. 


Our storage has top-of-the-art CCTV cameras that cover and record everything inside and outside. Your items will be safe with us!

Removals and Storage Costs

Using our combined moving and storage service is 20% cheaper compared to using each service separately. But how much moving only or storage only can cost what is the difference when services are combined?

Average moving to local storage costs

The price is determined by a few important factors- the size of the move, access, and services required. As your belongings are going to storage you might need packing and wrapping service and furniture dismantling as well. In case you do not need to store with us but you want to use our removal services below are our average moving prices for 2024.

Movivan`s average storage costs

Our storage prices are calculated per the number of containers we need to use to store your belongings. Sometimes there are large and awkward items that cannot fit into a standard container, so we place them on a pallet but will add to the price too. What are our average storage prices for 2024?

SizeContainersWeekly price
1 bedroom2-3£50-£75
2 bedrooms4-6£100-£150
3 bedrooms8-10£200-£250
4 bedrooms10-12£250-£300

So how we can lower the price?

Ok, let’s take a standard 2-bedroom property for example. The average removal price is £500 and the average storage cost per week is £125. As we will need to deliver your belongings in the future, we will need to add a moving out price which is the same as the moving into storage. So the total price for moving in, one-week storage, and moving out will be £1125.

Depending on the size of the move and the storage duration we can either give a discount on the removals price, or we can give 50% off the first 4 weeks for the storage. Every move is different, so the best way to find out how much your removals and storage will cost is to contact us on 0208 0033 260.

Affordable And Secure London Storage

Big storage container

Big and small storage containers.

Safe office move

Quality storage protection and transport.

Clean moving vans

Clean, eco-friendly and equipped vans.

Storage security

CCTV security and alarmed units.

Items Not Allowed In Our Storage

Movivan Removals and Storage, like many other companies in the industry, has specific guidelines on what items they cannot accept for moving or storage due to safety, legal, or insurance reasons. It’s important to be aware of these restrictions to avoid any last-minute surprises during your move. Here’s a list of items that Movivan typically does not take and store:

☠️ Hazardous Materials: Includes flammable liquids, gases, and toxic substances.

🥩 Perishable Goods: Food items that can spoil or attract pests.

🐕 Live Animals: Movivan cannot transport or store pets or any other animals.

🌳 Plants: Due to their need for sunlight and water, and potential to attract pests.

🧨 Explosives and Weapons: Including ammunition and fireworks.

⌚ Valuables: Important documents, jewelry, or high-value items that require special handling.

💻 Certain Electronics: Depending on company policy and insurance limitations.

🚗 Large Vehicles: Such as cars and boats, which typically require specialized moving services.

Removals And Storage Protection

At Movivan, we care about keeping your stuff safe, whether we’re moving it or storing it for you. Think of us wrapping your big furniture in cosy blankets and special paper, just like tucking them in for a safe journey. For fragile things like mirrors, lamps, and picture frames, we use bubble wrap – kind of like giving them a protective bubble bath. And for your precious paintings, we have special paper to keep them dry and scratch-free.

All small and loose items we placed them into linen or book boxes for moving. When you choose to use our full packing, removal and storage help, we will bring the materials needed to pack and protect your belongings. But if you want to do the packing by yourself, we recommend checking our moving supplies and making an order to be delivered to you.

Why People Use Storage Companies?

People use storage companies for a variety of reasons, ranging from practical needs to lifestyle choices. These facilities offer secure, additional space to store belongings, often proving essential during transitions or for managing excess items.

Here’s a list of common reasons why people use storage companies:

  • Decluttering: To create more living space in their homes by storing infrequently used items.
  • Moving: Temporary storage during home relocation or when downsizing.
  • Travel: For safekeeping of possessions while on extended trips or work assignments abroad.
  • Seasonal Storage: Storing seasonal items like holiday decorations, winter gear, or lawn furniture.
  • Document Storage: Businesses often use storage for keeping important files or documents.
  • Vehicle Storage: Storing cars, boats, or RVs during off-seasons or when not in use.
  • Life Events: During life changes such as marriage, divorce, or a death in the family.
  • Renovations: Keeping furniture and household items safe during home renovations or remodeling.
  • Business Inventory: Small businesses may use storage spaces for inventory or equipment.
  • Collectibles: Safekeeping of valuable collections like art, wine, or antiques.
  • Student Storage: For college students to store their belongings during summer breaks or study abroad programs.
  • Gap Year: Storing personal items during a gap year for travel or personal development.

Movivan Storage FAQs

Can I bring extra items to my storage unit?

Yes, you can bring and place some small items into your allocated storage as long as there is space left. If the amount of items you want to add is significant we reserve the right to increase your storage weekly fee.

When can I visit your storage facility?

We work 7 days per week, all year around, except Christmas day, Boxing day, New year Eve and 1st January. You can visit us any time between 10 am and 5 pm. For more information simply give us a call.

” Brilliant service . arrive on time, the staff was helpful. The removing process went very quickly. They move our goods with care .
We find the cost very good in relation to the work they did for us e.g. dismantling.
I strongly recommend using Movivan removing company if you required one. ”

Anderson, Trustpilot ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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