Moving Supplies

We provide quality moving supplies, designed specifically for professional relocation services. For a detailed overview of our products, please see the materials list below. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach us at 020 800 33 260 or send an email to

( Important note: For those who choose to pack independently, we offer delivery of packing materials directly to your address and within M25 without any additional charge for orders exceeding £100.00 )

Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies Costs

Linen Box

Ideal for clothes, light equipment, fragile items, linens

Dimensions: 18” x 18” x 18″


What you can fit:

3-4 x Blankets or

2-4 x Pillows or

12-20 x Towels or

12-18 x Toys

Book Box

Ideal for clothes, light equipment, fragile items, linens

Dimensions: 18” x 12” x 12″


What you can fit:

15-20 Hardcover books or

30-40 Paperback books or

30-40 Magazines & folders or

40-60 DVDs or Blu-rays

Wardrobe Box

For your hanging clothes. Very durable and handy to use.

Dimensions: 20” x 19” x 38″


What you can fit:

3-4 Thick winter jackets or

20-25 Shirts or

7-8 Dresses or

10-15 Shirts & dresses mix

Bubble Wrap

High-quality bubble wrap for extra protection of your fragile items

Dimensions: 10 m x 0.75 m


What you can wrap:

2 x 40-inch TVs or

10 Wine bottles or

2 x Computer screens or

2 x Table lamps

Packing Paper

Reusable packing paper to protect your kitchen and fragile items

Quantity: 100 sheets


What you can wrap:

50 Dishes or

80 Cups or

25 Bowls or

50 Bottles


High-quality removal tape to secure your boxes and covers

Lenght: 100 m


What you can tape:

10 Large boxes or

15 Small boxes or

5 Wardrobe boxes


Stretch Wrap

Wrap and protect your belongings from dirt and water. Extra durable

Quantity: 1 roll of 100m


What you can wrap:

6 Single mattresses or

4 King size mattresses or

2 Sofas or

15-20 Medium pillows

Removal Blanket

Protect your expensive furniture while in transit, storage or garage

Quantity: 1


What you can wrap:

Chair or

Stool or


Book boxes packed

Moving Supplies Calculator

When you are not sure how many boxes or how much bubble wrap you will need, Movivan Removals has created removal boxes calculator for you. It takes less than 30 seconds and it gives you an estimate of what moving supplies you might need. As every home is different the results can serve as guidance only, as the exact number of boxes you will need can be determined only after a home survey.

Moving Supplies FAQs

How many boxes would I need?

Without any experience calculating the number of packing boxes for moving house will not be easy. If you have never moved before, you will most likely underestimate the number of items that will need packing. When the small items are hidden and stored in cupboards and cabinets, you can easily forget that they will need to be placed into removal boxes. Based on our experience we are giving you a rough idea of the number of the packing boxes for moving house you will need below:

  • 1 bedrooms property – 20-30 boxes
  • 2 bedrooms property – 40-60 boxes
  • 3 bedrooms property – 70-100 boxes

What size of boxes I will need?

Movivan Removals offer 3 sizes of boxes. We sell large removal boxes with sizes 18x18x18 inches which are suitable for light stuff like clothes, pillows, and linen. The medium size packing boxes have 18x12x12 size. They are suitable for packing books and fragile items from the kitchen. The third size packing box is called the wardrobe box. We use them to pack hanging clothes to avoid folding them. They are suitable for suits, coats, shirts, and skirts.

What Is A Wardrobe Box?

A wardrobe box is a specialized moving box designed specifically for transporting hanging clothes. It typically features a tall, sturdy structure with a metal bar across the top to hang garments securely. These boxes help prevent clothes from wrinkling or getting damaged during the moving process.

What is a ”Linen box”?

Movers and moving companies may refer to linen boxes as “linen cartons” or simply “linens.” When packing for a move, these specialized boxes are often used to pack and protect linens, bedding, and other similar items. They are typically designed to be sturdy and provide adequate protection for linens during the moving process. They can be mainly used for packing clothes, bedding and sheets, pillows, lamp shades, light plastic items, toys and other light household items.

Moving boxes sizes

What is a ”Book box”?

A book box, sometimes called a “book carton” or “small box,” is a type of packing box specifically designed for transporting books and other heavy or dense items when moving house. These boxes are typically smaller and sturdier than standard moving boxes, making them ideal for holding books, magazines, DVDs, and similar items.

Book boxes are mainly used for packing and moving heavy objects because they are more manageable in size and weight. Since books can become extremely heavy when packed together, using smaller, specialized boxes helps prevent overloading and makes it easier for movers to carry and transport them safely. These boxes also help protect the books from damage during the move, ensuring that they remain in good condition. Additionally, the compact size of book boxes allows for efficient packing and stacking in moving trucks, maximizing space utilization during the move.

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