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We pack the boxes, so you do something more fun.

Julia Stafford
Julia Stafford
Ask for Marios and Loco. Really nice guys. Both worked very hard and consistently. They were also very kind when our young children thought they were “helping” but probably getting in the way. House moves are horrible and stressful. Having genuinely nice people makes a big difference.
Nadine Harb
Nadine Harb
The team is exceptional !! They have performed an amazing job, very efficient, helpful and polite. Thank you so much Marios, Delyan, Georgi, Gurami for your help. I highly recommend them !
RebeccaJasmin Hillier
RebeccaJasmin Hillier
I am extremely impressed by the service we received. Quick and careful. The team picked up items from an unorganised storage, put them all nicely inside a van, carried them up a 3rd floor flat, without a lift. Hassle free and quick. Thank you so much to the team: MARIOS, ASEN & GEORGI. You guys made this move, completely stress-free!
jaqui ross
jaqui ross
Fantastic service. We used the full pack and move from LondontoGlasgow. Everything was bubble wrapped and packed with care. They even took all the pictures etc off the walls. Great communication from the staff. Someone visited to assess before the very reasonable quote. He was so lovely and patient with my elderly mum. The movers let us know when they would arrive so we could be there, and they unpacked and put everything in the correct rooms. All we had to do was move the clothes out the wardrobe box into the actual wardrobe and unpack the kitchen boxes. They even brought a few items that hadn't been quoted for. Great service, highly recommend 👌
Martina Allan
Martina Allan
I can't praise these guys enough! We had a four bedroomed house to move. An army of men came and packed on the Monday and by 10.30am on Tuesday, the whole house, garden, garage, and contents of two sheds was loaded into 4 vans and enroute to our new home by the south coast. By 4.30pm everything was unloaded and beds and furniture reassembled. The guys worked hard and were very respectful from start to finish. They were also competitive with their price and we got a discount as chose to return the boxes to be reused. Nothing was too much trouble for these guys, we would absolutely recommend them! Very happy customer. ☺️
Patrick Joseph
Patrick Joseph
It was my first experience using removal company and very worried with the cost, i had about 10 company response with high cost which i can not afford, Movivan called me with great authority and willing to take a challenge what i was wanted to listen from the company, he assured me of every possible difficulties to be taken care of, I told him about the load of 3 bedroom stuff and family of 5 belongings, he came up with all the assurance and quote me unbelievable less than half the cost of the others minimum quote, this was cheapest, half the cost of minimum from all other company. The guys who came for removal were so nice and willing to do more than what i asked, I have no personal interest with this company, and was my first time with them.I can praise them highly and can recommend them from top of my heart, you can not go wrong with them.just try them once and you will be giving them same review as mine.
Fiona Harris
Fiona Harris
Excellent service from beginning to end. These gentlemen took on a job at very short notice, they were very professional and knew what they were doing. Thank you so much!
Giuse Pucino
Giuse Pucino
Used Movivan for our move from Herts to South Cambs - they were fantastic. Our entire life was in 2 storage containers, they sorted and loaded their vans with expert precision and when it came to unloading they were just as efficient. I would definitely recommend.
Ivanna C.
Ivanna C.
I can’t say enough good things about this company. From the quote to completion. Miro was my contact person through the whole thing, he was kind, professional and most importantly worked with my needs. I had a tiny bit of a complicated move they handled it like stars, even getting everything done before the initial timeframes we discussed!! The guys who packed our things and physically moved everything we’re things of LEGEND. Not one thing was broken and I have more bar glasses then I’d like to admit. I honestly just can’t say enough about them. Everyone I interacted with was so pleasant and professional. Thank you Miro and Movivan for making this stressful time as stress free as possible!!!! I highly recommend you use this company for any removal needs!
Angelika Applin
Angelika Applin
I was very impressed professional way Philip and his team executed my move from London to Norwich. They were on time, had in no time everything loaded no matter how difficult it was. Job well done!!

The Best Packing Service in London

Our house packing service can make the moving part faster and easier. Let Movivan do the boring part of your move for you. We will bring the boxes, wrap everything neatly, and transport them to your new property. If needed, we can even unpack everything and collect the debris.

Getting our movers to pack the boxes will free up your time, so you can do other important things. It might take you days to pack up your home. Why waste your time, when we can be done in a few hours? We can fully customize the service we provide to meet your demands:

  • Full or Partial Packing Help
  • Breakables Only Packing
  • Packing Per Hour
  • Single Room Packing
  • Packing and Unpacking
Specialist Movers Movivan

” Amazing service, very polite, respectful and helpful removal guys. The guys on the day went out there way to make our move easy and smooth, was shocked with the level of service they provided. Would recommend and use again in a heartbeat. 

Shahzad Ali, Getamover ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Top Packing Service Benefits

With almost ten years under our belt, our team is really good at packing all kinds of stuff, big or small. Whether it’s stuff from your home or office, we’ll pack everything super carefully and make sure we do it fast and right.


Our packing crews are fully trained and experienced to pack everything safely and neatly.


Our packers can pack your belongings much more quickly than you might be able to do yourself.


We use only the best moving supplies to pack your home and to prevent damages.


By entrusting the packing process to Movivan, you can reduce the stress and physical strain.

What We Can Pack?

Movivan Removals has packed it all – from regular household stuff to the really delicate or unusual things. Our team knows exactly how to handle pretty much anything you can throw at them, packing each item carefully and securely. With loads of experience behind us, you can trust us to take on any packing challenge and do a great job.

Items we can pack:

Kitchenware • Clothes • Books • Breakables • Bottles • Media & Audio • Small Appliances • Documents • Linen • Sports Equipment • Small pictures • Vases • Toys & Board Games • Cleaning supplies • Tools • Dry food

Mukhtar and his team at Movivan were hugely helpful from start to finish. Their fee was the most reasonable and they were professional and available throughout the process. A house move is stressful and they took care of all our requirements including the safe transfer of heavy and fragile items. We will use Movivan again in the future.

Gemma Hamilton, Trustpilot ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Safe Removals

Packing Supplies We Use

When it comes to packing, using the right materials is key to keeping your items safe and secure. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of packing materials and supplies we use:

  • Boxes: We have a variety of box sizes to fit everything from small trinkets to large appliances. Each box is sturdy and designed to protect its contents.
  • Bubble Wrap: Perfect for wrapping fragile items, bubble wrap adds an extra layer of cushioning to prevent breakage during transit.
  • Packing Tape: Strong and reliable, our packing tape ensures that boxes are sealed tightly and won’t come undone during the move.
  • Wrapping Paper: Ideal for wrapping up everyday items and providing a first layer of protection before placing them in boxes.
  • Plastic Stretch Wrap: This is used to wrap and secure larger items, keeping them dust-free and safeguarding them against scratches.
  • Furniture Covers: To protect furniture from dirt, scratches, and damage, we use durable covers during the move.

Each material plays a crucial role in ensuring your belongings are packed safely and arrive at their destination in the same condition they left. We choose the best materials based on what needs to be packed, so you can have peace of mind knowing everything is handled with care. Check our moving supplies page to find out how much they cost.

How We Do The Packing?

Here’s a step-by-step guide explaining the packing process, from the initial assessment right through to the actual packing of items:

  • Initial Consultation and Assessment: We start with a consultation, either in person or over the phone, to understand your specific needs.
  • Customized Packing Plan: Based on the assessment, we create a tailored packing plan. This plan considers the type of items, their fragility, and the best materials for packing each item.
  • Packing Non-Essential ItemsThese items are carefully wrapped, boxed, and labeled. We start by packing items that you don’t use daily, such as out-of-season clothes, books, and decorative pieces.
  • Packing Fragile and Valuable Items: We use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or custom cradles to ensure they are secure. Fragile items like glassware, artwork, and electronics are given extra attention.
  • Packing Essential Items: We make sure these boxes are clearly labeled and easily accessible for unpacking. Closer to the moving day, we pack your everyday items like kitchenware, toiletries, and clothing.
  • Final Inspection and InventoryWe create an inventory list, which helps in keeping track of all items during the move. Once everything is packed, we conduct a final inspection to ensure nothing is missed.

Throughout the entire process, we focus on efficiency and care, ensuring your belongings are packed safely and securely, minimizing the stress of moving.

Packing Service FAQs

What are the best packing tips we can give?

When packing for a move, starting early is key. Gather sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, and markers. Start with rooms you use least and pack room by room, labeling each box with its contents and the destination room. Use smaller boxes for heavy items like books, and larger ones for lighter items. Wrap fragile items individually, fill gaps with packing peanuts or paper, and don’t overpack. Seal boxes well with packing tape, placing heavier items at the bottom.

Remember, don’t pack hazardous materials, and consider an essentials box with items you’ll need immediately after the move. For furniture and large items, disassemble if possible and protect with moving blankets or bubble wrap. Safety is crucial: lift boxes with your legs, not your back, and keep pathways clear. These tips will help ensure a smooth, safe packing process, minimizing the risk of damage to your belongings.

I am moving abroad- do you offer an export packing service?

Yes, we have trained specialists who can pack your belongings and furniture ready for international relocation. The boxes we use are sturdy enough to keep your clothes, dishes, and books safe. For the furniture, we use special furniture paper which will protect and preserve each item while being transported to your new destination anywhere around the world.

Do you offer an unpacking service?

Yes, we do offer unpacking services to make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible. Once we arrive at your new location, our team can help you unpack all your boxes and set up your items in their designated places. We handle everything with care and efficiency, ensuring that your belongings are safely and quickly settled into your new space. This service not only saves you time and effort but also allows you to enjoy your new home or office without the hassle of unpacking.

Are there items you do not pack?

Yes, there are certain items that we do not pack due to safety, legal, or insurance reasons. These typically include hazardous materials like flammable liquids, explosives, or toxic chemicals, as well as perishable items like food and plants. Additionally, we usually advise against packing personal or irreplaceable items such as important documents, cash, or jewelry, as these are better kept with you for safety and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your long-distance movers load and deliver same day? This will depend on the size of the move and the distance to travel. In most cases, we prefer to load one day in advance and start traveling very early in the morning. We can load, transport, and deliver same day if the distance is less than 4 hours and it is no more than one van’s worth of stuff.

Do you move food items? No, our long-distance movers will not take and move food items, especially perishables. Transporting food over long distances can lead to spoilage and contamination. Our vehicles are not temperature-controlled. It’s advisable to consume, donate, or discard food before the move.

Is it advisable to move plants long-distance? Moving plants long-distance within the UK can be risky for their health. They are sensitive to changes in temperature, light, and movement, which can be stressful and potentially harmful during a long journey. Moreover, it’s important to consider the practicalities and regulations of transporting plants, especially when moving to areas with specific agricultural or ecological protections.

” We booked Movivan at short notice for our move from London to Sussex, on a recommendation from a friend who had used them for her move recently. They were so accommodating, both in fitting us in and last minute changes to itinerary. On the day, the team were astoundingly efficient and we were simply amazed at how quickly and smoothly they managed to move everything to our new home. Outstanding, friendly service at a very reasonable price. I’m so glad I booked you guys, thank you for taking the stress out of moving! ”

Che-G, Trustpilot ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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