Furniture Assembly

Our cost-effective furniture assembly service is designed to make your move smoother and less stressful, saving valuable time and effort. Our skilled removal specialists takes care of swiftly and accurately dismantling and reassembling your furniture, lessening the likelihood of damage and speeding up the settling-in process in your new home. With our competitive rates and meticulous care, we not only ease your relocation but also help protect and preserve the integrity of your beloved furniture items.

Furniture Assemble Benefits

Using furniture assembly services from Movivan can ease your house removals. Taking furniture apart and then assembling it at the new address can be a time-consuming task. Our trained movers will be much quicker and more organized. There 3 main benefits if you want to hire our handyman service.

🕗 Saving time

It takes around 40 to 50 minutes on average to dismantle and assemble a simple double bed. Imagine if you have to take the kitchen table apart, the wardrobes, and the other beds. Using Movivan will save you time.

🛠️ No Tools Required

You do not need to buy tools to assemble your furniture. Our fully-equipped removal specialists will bring all the tools needed to dismantle and assemble almost all types of furniture.

🛡️ Fully Insured

If you tried to do it, you might end up damaging your furniture. Our removal men will have the knowledge to do it safely protecting your property and items. If anything happens, we are fully insured with up to £50,000 insurance cover.

Furniture assembly

Do You Charge Separately For Furniture Assembly?

Our furniture assembly and dismantling services are included as part of the complete moving package, and the price may vary based on how complex the job is and how many items there are. We’ll give you a straightforward cost estimate right from the start, so there are no surprises in charges after the job’s done. We aim to offer prices that are both fair and reflect the convenience and expertise our professionals bring to taking care of your furniture. For an exact quote tailored to your move, we recommend setting up a consultation where we can understand your specific needs.

How Much Does Furniture Assembly Cost?

The furniture assembly price can vary as it depends on a few important factors:

  • Is the assembly part of our moving services or it is a separate service?
  • How many items have to be assembled and how complex they are?
  • Is the furniture new or it is being used?

When you request us to help you assemble furniture with no moving involved, our minimum standard charge is £280+VAT for the first 4 hours. Even, if we manage to do the job quicker, we will still need to charge for the minimum.

If the assembly service is part of your move, the costs to assemble your furniture could be as little as £40 or £60. To give you an accurate price we would need to know more details. Give us a call at 0208 0033 260 or send us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what people ask when looking for help moving their home.

Can you take a TV off the wall?

Yes, we can take your TV off the wall and remove the TV mounting too. Unfortunately, we do not mount TVs back at the new property. Our movers do not drill walls, as our insurance do not provide cover and this is considered as a builders job.

What happens if you are not able to assemble the furniture?

If we are not able to assemble the furniture we will not charge for the service. The reasons why we won`t be able to assemble the furniture could be because there is not enough space in your property, there are missing parts or screws or simply it is unique and custom-made furniture. Sometimes custom-made furniture has to be assembled by the furniture makers only.

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