What To Unpack First After Moving

by | Jan 8, 2024

What To Unpack First After Moving

Moving your household using Movivan or doing it yourself means packing of boxes and bags, taking beds apart and re-furnishing your new home. Depending on the size of your move, this could be a long and exausting process. Planning and labeling everything will speed up the unpacking after your household removals. But once our movers are gone or you have fininsh your move by yourself, where do you start to unpack first? 

Do you start from the kitchen or from your children`s toys boxes?

In this article you can find some helpful tips and ideas which can help you settle quicker and your household move is less stressful.

Is It Better To Unpack Room By Room Or To Sort By Item Type?

Unpacking room by room is often more efficient because it helps create functional spaces in your home one at a time, allowing you to prioritize based on your immediate needs. This method also prevents the feeling of being overwhelmed since you can focus on one area before moving to the next. Sorting by item type, however, can be useful when organizing storage areas like closets or a garage, where similar items are typically stored together. It’s also beneficial for items that might be spread across several boxes, such as books or collectibles. Ultimately, the best approach may combine both strategies, unpacking essential items by type first, then moving through the rooms systematically.

How Do I Manage Unpacking If I Move In Late In The Evening?

If you move in late in the evening, focus on unpacking the essentials to ensure a comfortable first night. Start with bedding, toiletries, pajamas, and anything you need for the next morning, like coffee supplies or breakfast items. Set up a temporary living space where you can relax and keep essential electronics like phones and alarms handy. Postpone the rest until the next day when you’re refreshed and can tackle the boxes with clearer judgment.

If you are worry you have so much to unpack, don`t! Movivan offers affordable unpacking services.

Should I Focus On The Kitchen Or Bedroom First?

Prioritize the bedroom first to ensure you have a comfortable place to rest after a long day of moving. Setting up your bed, unpacking your bedding, and arranging your clothes for the next day can significantly reduce stress. Once you have a restful retreat ready, you can move on to the kitchen, starting with the essentials you’ll need for meals and daily routines. This way, you ensure your basic comfort and sustenance needs are met, allowing for a more pleasant unpacking experience overall.

How Can I Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed After Household Removals?

To avoid feeling overwhelmed after removals and while unpacking, start by creating a strategic plan that breaks down the unpacking process into manageable tasks, focusing on one room or area at a time. Set realistic goals for what you want to accomplish each day, and don’t hesitate to ask friends or family for help to make the process more social and less daunting. Take regular breaks to rest and reflect on the progress you’ve made, which can provide a sense of accomplishment. Keep the end goal in mind: each box you unpack is a step closer to making your new house feel like home. Lastly, be patient with yourself; remember that unpacking is a process that doesn’t need to be completed in one day.

Boxes unpacking after removals

Can I Involve My Children In The Unpacking Process?

Involving children in the unpacking process can be both helpful and enjoyable with the right approach:

Assign Age-Appropriate Tasks: Give them simple, age-appropriate tasks such as unpacking their toys or setting up their own room with guidance. This gives them a sense of ownership and control over their new space.

Turn It into a Game: Make a game out of unpacking, such as seeing who can put away their items the fastest, with a small reward for the winner.

Creative Decorating: Allow them to decide on the arrangement of their room or help choose where certain shared items should go, encouraging their input on the new household.

Box Decorating: Have them decorate the boxes for different rooms or label them with markers and stickers, which can also aid in organizing where things should go.

Break Time Leader: Let them be in charge of break times, choosing when to take snacks or short breaks, which can also help manage the stress of moving for the whole family.

Involving children not only helps with the workload but also assists them in adjusting to the new environment by making them feel involved and valued in the setup of their new home.

Should I Clean The New House Before Or During The Unpacking Process?

It’s ideal to clean the new house before starting the unpacking process, as it’s easier to clean empty rooms without boxes and furniture in the way. Doing a deep clean ahead of time ensures that you’re putting your belongings away in a fresh, clean environment. However, if time or circumstances don’t allow for this, focus on cleaning one area at a time just before you unpack items into that space. This can help manage the workload and prevent feeling overwhelmed by trying to clean and unpack simultaneously.

Will You Collect The Boxes After I Am Done With Unpacking?

Movivan Removals offers box collection service and rubbish disposal too. Depending on the agreement we have any of these services might cost extra. Bear in mind we can collect moving boxes after household removals only within London. If we are delivering your belongings anywhere else in the UK we will be able to collect any empty boxes during the unloading and before our movers leave. To arrange your box collection simply call us on 020 800 33260 or email us at office@movivan.co.uk.

Do You Offer Unpacking Service After Household Removals?

Movivan Removals the full spectrum of home removal services, which includes packing, moving and unpacking. We can do it partially or completely. If you believe there is a posibility of an unpacking service, do let us know before your move starts. We will be able to organize, pack and label everything much better, so the unloading and unpacking is more efficient. This way we would be able to save you even more money. If you are still not sure, give us a call on 0208 0033 260 so we can create the perfect moving plan together.

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