How To Pack A Lamp For Moving

by | Jan 24, 2024

Moving a lamp can be tricky as large lamps are difficult to protect. If you are wondering how to pack a lamp for moving, you can read our blog on how we do it. Our skilled moving crews have been moving any lamp sizes and shapes for almost a decade and here at Movivan Removals we believe we know how to pack a lamp for moving.

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Gather Supplies And Wrapping Materials

Some of the most important wrapping materials you will need are bubble wrap, tape, a large box, possibly furniture paper or blankets, and twist ties. Movivan Removals sell boxes and packing materials, so you can check our online shop and get what you need.

How To Pack a Lamp For Moving With Big And Irregular Shape

Large lamps most of the time have an irregular shape and they are not easy to be wrapped and transported. You most likely will need to dismantle some parts and the lampshade especially.

How To Pack Tabletop Lamps

When packing tabletop lamps for a move, it’s essential to ensure they are adequately protected to prevent any damage. Start by unplugging the lamp and removing the lampshade. Carefully wrap the lampshade in bubble wrap or tissue paper, securing it with tape to keep it from getting scratched or crushed during transit.

Next, disassemble the lamp if possible, separating the base from the body. If there are any fragile or delicate parts, such as decorative elements or glass components, wrap them individually in bubble wrap or foam padding to provide cushioning. Once the lamp components are separated, wrap the base and body in several layers of bubble wrap or packing paper, securing it with tape. Pay extra attention to any vulnerable areas or protruding parts, such as switches or cords, and provide additional padding to protect them.

Place the wrapped lamp components in a sturdy box that is appropriately sized to accommodate them. Fill any empty spaces with packing peanuts, crumpled paper, or foam inserts to prevent shifting during transit and provide additional cushioning. Finally, label the box as “Fragile” and indicate that it contains a lamp to ensure it is handled with care. If possible, consider transporting the box in your vehicle rather than the moving truck to minimize the risk of damage.

By following these steps, you can pack tabletop lamps securely and ensure they arrive at your new location in excellent condition, ready to be set up and enjoyed in your new space.

How To Protect Big Lampshades

Before wrapping the lampshade, do not forget to separate it if you can. If the lampshade is small, you can protect it with bubble wrap and place it into a removal box. Big lampshades can be covered with furniture paper or bubble wrap and once wrapped, put the label on top that this is fragile so our movers know how to handle it.

Twist And Tie The Cords

Cables and cords are annoying. You can fold them and secure them with twist ties, so they are not loose and on the way. Loose cables can cause someone to step on the cord and fall. You can buy ties from Amazon or another online shop. We do not sell twist ties.

Packing Lamps And Lampshades For Storage

When packing lamps and lampshades for storage, it’s important to take precautions to prevent any damage. Begin by removing the lampshade and setting it aside. Clean the lamp base and body thoroughly to remove any dust or debris before packing. For the lamp base and body, wrap them individually in bubble wrap or packing paper, securing them with tape. This will provide a protective layer and prevent scratches or dents during storage.

As for the lampshade, place it in a separate box lined with tissue paper or bubble wrap. Fill any empty spaces with crumpled paper to maintain its shape and prevent it from shifting or being crushed. Label the boxes accordingly, indicating “Lamp Base and Body” and “Lampshade,” to make unpacking and organizing easier. Store the boxes in a dry, climate-controlled area to maintain the lamps’ condition during the storage period.

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