How To Move Heavy Furniture

by | Jan 6, 2024

Moving heavy furniture is part of our everyday life in Movivan. When moving home with bulky and heavy furniture, this is the time when you most probably will need our help. In case you want to do it yourself, we have created a detailed article on what are the best practices across the moving trades when it comes to moving heavy furniture.

Moving Heavy Furniture

Make A Plan When Moving Heavy Furniture

Start by assessing the size and weight of each item to determine if you need additional help or special equipment. Prioritize safety by using proper lifting techniques, lifting with your legs and not your back. Utilize tools like furniture sliders, dollies, and straps to ease the moving process and prevent damage. Disassemble larger pieces when possible to make them more manageable and protect them with padding or blankets. Finally, clear pathways in advance, ensuring obstructions are removed and floors are protected from potential scuffs or scratches.

Tools And Equipment You Will Need

Here’s a list of tools and equipment you might need:

  • Furniture Sliders: Small pads placed under furniture legs to help slide heavy items across floors without causing damage.
  • Moving Dolly: A wheeled platform or hand truck to transport heavy or bulky items easily. Typically we use it for moving very heavy items like a piano or a safe.
  • Furniture Lifting Straps: Straps that distribute the weight of the furniture and allow for easier lifting and carrying. Using these straps can be difficult when going down or up the stairs.
  • Furniture Pads/Blankets: Protective coverings to wrap around furniture to prevent scratches and dents. Our removal men use them to protect all your furniture when moving your belongings.
  • Stretch Wrap: Plastic wrap that can be used to secure moving pads or to bundle items together.
  • Tool Set: For disassembling and reassembling furniture. This should include screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and a hammer.
  • Rope or Ratchet Straps: To secure furniture in a moving truck or van.
  • Corner Protectors: Plastic or foam protectors to shield furniture corners from bumps and dings.
  • Stair Rollers: Attachments that help slide furniture up or down stairs with less effort.
  • Knee Pads: For protection when lifting or moving items at lower heights.
  • Tape Measure: To measure doorways, hallways, and furniture dimensions to ensure a smooth move.
  • Bubble Wrap: For added protection, especially for fragile or valuable items.

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Moving DIY vs. Using Movivan Removals

If your house move involves moving heavy furniture you might wonder if you can do it by yourself. As this has health risks involved, we would advise using a professional moving company like Movivan. It doesn`t have to be us, but we can help you move anywhere in the UK.

What are the positive and negative sides of each method?

Moving DIY

✔️ Flexibility when you can move the furniture and how many pieces you want to move in one day

✔️ Could be cheaper compared to using a removal company

❌ You can risk hurting yourself

❌ You can risk damaging the furniture or the property

❌ Might need to rent a van and this can be too complicated and time-consuming

❌ In case something gets damaged, you will have to pay the expenses

Using Movivan Removals

✔️ No need to worry about renting a van, getting blankets, tools, or straps

✔️ You don`t have to search for a friend to help you move the furniture

✔️ No risks of hurting yourself

✔️ In case there are any issues we have insurance in place to compensate for the damage or loss

✔️ We know how to protect your furniture and your home to avoid damage and scratches

❌ Could be more expensive to use a moving company

❌ We allocate specific time and day to complete the job and move the list of items given

❌ Changing your mind at the last moment, could result in losing your deposit which is typically paid upfront

Moving A Heavy Bed

  • Difficulty Level: medium
  • What you might need: Tools for dismantling, blankets for protection, stretch wrap or mattress cover

Moving a bed is very similar to moving a wardrobe. When wondering how to move heavy furniture, moving the beds will be part of that question. Again, you might need dismantling and reassembling skills, tools, and time to do this daunting task.

Moving A Wardrobe

  • Difficulty Level: medium
  • What you might need: Tools for dismantling, blankets for protection

Wardrobes can be tricky. Most of the time they will require dismantling and reassembling to come out of the room. The most difficult ones are the sliding doors and wardrobes. Some of them have very heavy glass doors. If you do not have the skills to take a wardrobe apart, contact us at 0208 0033 260 and we will be happy to give you a price and assist with your move.

Moving A Safe

  • Difficulty Level: high
  • What you might need: trolley or piano dolly, blankets for protection

Safes are difficult to be moved. They are typically small, nowhere to grab, and extremely heavy. We do not recommend doing it by yourself unless the safe is small and lighter than 40-50 kg. In difficult locations, you might need a special stairs dolly or heavy-duty skid. If you need our help, check our guide on how much safe removal costs.

Moving A Piano

  • Difficulty Level: high
  • What you might need: trolley or piano dolly, blankets for protection, straps, minimum 3 or 4 strong men

Moving a piano requires special care due to its size, weight, and delicate nature. Start by closing and locking the keyboard lid to protect the keys. Use a piano dolly or skid board with padded blankets to safely transport it, ensuring it’s always kept upright to protect its internal mechanisms. Finally, enlist the help of several strong individuals or consider hiring professional piano movers to ensure its safe relocation without causing injury or damage.

EXTRA TIP: Using extra strong straps or furniture skates can make the heavy furniture moving much easier and can lower the risks of injuries and property damages!

Moving Heavy Appliances – American-Style Fridge

  • Difficulty Level: medium
  • What you might need: furniture trolley, blankets, straps, furniture sliders, tools

Moving any type and size of a fridge is a 2 or 3-man job. American-style fridges are wide, big, and heavy. Sometimes the doors will need to be taken off, so they can come out of the property. We would advise any lifting and moving of heavy furniture to be done by experts like Movivan Removals. If not done correctly you can hurt your back, legs, and arms or it could be even worse.

Moving Heavy Sofas

  • Difficulty Level: low
  • What you might need: blankets for protection, straps, tools, stretch wrap

A minimum of two men is required when moving a sofa. This furniture is probably the most difficult to move out of all, as most of the time it comes in one piece, and when your property is not big enough, moving this heavy furniture could be a real nightmare.

Moving heavy garden furniture and plants

  • Difficulty Level: low
  • What you might need: trolley, blankets for protection, straps, tools

When it comes to moving heavy garden furniture and plants, the best approach involves careful planning and employing suitable techniques. Firstly, it is crucial to assess the weight and size of the items before attempting to move them. Use proper lifting techniques, such as bending your knees and keeping your back straight, to prevent injury. Utilize equipment like dollies, hand trucks, or wheelbarrows to distribute the weight and ease the transportation process. Finally, enlist the help of others to ensure a safe and efficient move, as teamwork can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and strain.

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