How To Move A Shed

by | Jan 7, 2024

If you own a garden shed and planning to move, you will have to decide if the garden shed will be going or not. In case the shed and everything inside will need to be transported to your new garden, then you will be wondering how to move a garden shed by yourselves.

This is why using shed movers like Movivan Removals could be the right choice. Let us come and inspect your property and guide you through the process of moving your house and shed smoothly and efficiently. Below is our guide on how to pack, prepare and move a shed, or how Movivan does it at least.

How to move a shed

Moving A Shed With Limited Or No Access

When using Movivan Removals to transport the garden shed, we would need to know if there is access at both properties- current and new, so our removal crew can successfully take the shed out of your garden, transport it, and deliver it to the new address. If you have access to your new home measure the access to your garden and find out where all big garden items are going to go through.

Through our many years of moving London customers, we have experienced difficult situations where the garden shed is impossible to go through any door or even at the back. In the past, we had customers who wanted us to get rid of the garden shed, so if the garden shed you own is not suitable for your future home, it is much better to just get rid of it before your move. It will save you time and money.

How To Dismantle A Shed?

Dismantling a shed can be a straightforward task if done methodically. Here’s a simple guideline to help you through the process:

  • Empty the Shed: Remove all items from inside the shed to provide clear space for dismantling.

  • Safety First: Wear appropriate safety gear like gloves, safety glasses, and sturdy shoes.

  • Disconnect Utilities: If your shed has electrical, water, or gas connections, ensure they are safely disconnected.

  • Remove Doors and Windows: Start by unscrewing the hinges and carefully removing any doors and windows.

  • Dismantle the Roof: If the roof is made of panels or shingles, remove them one by one. Use a ladder safely if height is involved.

  • Take Down Walls: Unscrew or pry apart the walls, starting from the top and working your way down. Be cautious of nails and sharp edges.

  • Floor Last: If your shed has a wooden floor, dismantle it by prying up the boards. If it’s on a concrete base, this step can be skipped.

  • Sort and Dispose of Materials: Sort the dismantled materials for reuse, recycling, or disposal. Be mindful of local regulations for disposing of building materials.

  • Clean the Area: Once the shed is fully dismantled, clean up the area to remove any nails, screws, or debris.

Remember, if your shed is large or structurally complex, it might be safer and more efficient to get help from someone with experience in construction or carpentry.

Check If You Need Permits When Moving Your Shed

Depending on the size of your garden shed, you might need permission to move the garden shed to your new home. Before wondering how to move a garden shed, check if this will be allowed. Sometimes getting rid of the garden shed and buying a new one could be simpler and cheaper, compared to the complicated process of moving a garden shed from one house to another.

Is Shed Dismantle And Removal By Yourself A Good Idea?

Dismantling and moving a shed by yourself can be challenging and may not always be the best idea. It requires not only physical effort but also a certain level of skill in handling tools and understanding construction principles. Without the proper equipment or assistance, you risk damaging the shed, your property, or, most importantly, injuring yourself.

It is also important to note, that if moving a shed is part of our house removals service to is much cheaper than renting a van and spending all day doing the hard work. Adding our dismantling and assembly service to our quotation is free and can give you an idea of the costs.

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