Moving To Liverpool

by | Apr 18, 2024

Moving to Liverpool

”Best Moving To Liverpool Experience I Could Get!”

Moving to Liverpool can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. Many factors can determine if this will be a happy or an angry event in your life. If you will be using Movivan Removals for your move from London to Liverpool, we will make sure it is as smooth and quick as possible. We can provide an affordable price, effective and easy-to-understand moving plan, and the best-experienced movers you can hire at the same time. This is what one of our customers told us when they used Movivan Removals for their move from London to Liverpool. Here some interesting details how it went and how much cost to move to Liverpool.

Size Of The Move To Liverpool

An on-site visit was organized before the move to establish the size of the move and the services required so we can give an accurate price. Our house removals specialist visited the property the house and met with the family. They have requested us to provide packing and moving service with overnight storage for their belongings. By the end of the day, they have received a quote from us. Here are the financials we came up with:

  • Moving volume: 1340 c.ft
  • Distance: 209 miles
  • Fuel costs: £520+VAT
  • Moving Price: £1120+VAT
  • Packing Service ( inc. Materials ): £720+VAT
  • Overnight Charge: £100+VAT

Within 5 days the customer has accepted our quotation and a date has been agreed for their move. The move was split in 2 days:

  • On the 1st day, our team did all the packing and loading and the vehicles were brought to our base for overnight storage
  • On the 2nd day with an early start, our moving team completed the move from London to Liverpool within 10 hours.

It was 2 long days for both the customer and Movivan, but it was all worth it!

Even More Details…

As you might wonder how many boxes will be needed to pack your belongings and how long it takes to pack and move stuff, we are happy to share even more information with you, which can help you if you are planning to move to Liverpool.

  • Old property: 2 bedrooms flat on the first floor with no lift
  • New property: 3 bedrooms house
  • Number of boxes used: 43 linen boxes, 36 book boxes, 8 wardrobe boxes, 8 tapes, a pack of packing paper and 50m bubble wrap.
  • Number of packers/movers: 3
  • Number of vehicles used: 2 removal vans
  • Total hours packing: 3
  • Total hours loading and furniture protection: 4.5
  • Number of items dismantled and assembled: 4

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Moving To Liverpool Top Reasons

Recently, we have completed many successful moves to Liverpool, so it got us curious why there is an increase interest from London residents to move up north.

Here are some potential reasons why someone might consider making this move:

Lower Cost of Living: Liverpool generally offers a lower cost of living compared to London, particularly in terms of housing prices and daily expenses. This can allow for a more affordable lifestyle and potentially save money in the long run.

Quality of Life: Liverpool is known for its vibrant cultural scene, friendly locals, and strong sense of community. The city offers a rich history, diverse entertainment options, and beautiful waterfront areas, contributing to a potentially higher quality of life.

Career Opportunities: While London is often seen as the hub for various industries, Liverpool has been experiencing economic growth and regeneration in recent years. There are opportunities emerging in sectors like technology, healthcare, and creative industries, which might appeal to professionals seeking new career prospects.

Less Congestion and Crowds: London can be overcrowded and congested, leading to high levels of stress and longer commutes. Moving to Liverpool could offer a quieter and more relaxed lifestyle, with less traffic and fewer crowds.

Access to Nature: Liverpool is situated near beautiful natural landscapes, including beaches, parks, and countryside areas. For those who enjoy outdoor activities and want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Liverpool’s proximity to nature can be a significant draw.

Family and Community Ties: Some individuals may have family or community connections in Liverpool, making the city an attractive choice for relocation to be closer to loved ones or to strengthen ties within a specific community.

Education: Liverpool is home to several reputable universities and educational institutions. Families with children or individuals seeking further education opportunities may find Liverpool’s educational offerings appealing.

Work-Life Balance: Liverpool offers a more relaxed pace of life compared to the fast-paced environment of London. This can lead to a better work-life balance, with more time for leisure activities and personal pursuits.

Ultimately, the decision to move from London to Liverpool will depend on individual preferences, priorities, and circumstances. It’s essential to consider factors such as career prospects, lifestyle preferences, and personal connections before making such a significant change.

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Moving To Liverpool Average Costs

Given the fact how many moves we have completed from London to Liverpool over the last 7-8 years we have created a list of the average prices moving to Liverpool based on the size of the property.

PropertyMoving CostsPacking CostsVans
1 bedroom£800-£900£250-£3501
2 bedrooms£1000-£1200£350-£5001-2
3 bedrooms£1400-£1700£400-£6002-3
4 bedrooms£1600-£2100£550-£7503-5

Do You Have A Minimum Moving Fee?

When hiring Moving Removals at hourly rates we have a minimum of 4 hours charge. Even if the move takes less time we will invoice you for a minimum of four hours.

When the price is fixed there is no minimum charge as the cost has been agreed and will not change if all circumstances are as agreed.

How You Can Lower The Costs?

Lowering moving costs from London to Liverpool involves strategic planning and finding ways to save money throughout the process. Here are some tips to help you reduce expenses:

Declutter before moving: Take inventory of your belongings and get rid of items you no longer need or use. This reduces the volume of your belongings, potentially decreasing the size of the moving truck you’ll need and lowering the cost.

Book in advance: Try to schedule your move well in advance. Last-minute bookings can be more expensive, so securing your moving date early may result in lower costs.

Choose the right time to move: Moving during off-peak seasons or mid-week can be cheaper than moving on weekends or during peak times. Additionally, avoiding holidays can help you save money.

Pack yourself: While it’s convenient to have movers pack your belongings for you, it can also be costly. Packing yourself can save money on labor costs. Start packing well in advance to avoid the need for rushed packing services.

Use affordable packing materials: Instead of purchasing expensive packing materials, look for cost-effective alternatives. Utilize items you already have, such as clothing, towels, and newspapers, to cushion fragile items. You can also ask local stores for free or discounted boxes.

Consider DIY options: If you have access to a suitable vehicle, you could opt for a DIY move by renting a van and doing the packing and loading yourself. For example, you can move the light stuff, while leaving the furniture to us.

Insurance considerations: While it may seem counterintuitive, opting for lower insurance coverage can reduce your upfront costs. However, make sure you’re comfortable with the level of protection you have for your belongings.

By implementing these strategies, you can help lower your moving costs when relocating from London to Liverpool.

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