International Removals

International removals refer to the process of moving personal belongings from one country to another, often as part of a residential or commercial relocation. This service typically involves various stages including packing, transportation, customs clearance, and delivery at the destination.

International Removals

Using International Moving Services Benefits

Movivan Removals offers an array of benefits for individuals or businesses looking to relocate abroad to countries like France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The company boasts extensive experience in international removals, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and procedures involved. Our removal crews and office customer services provide dedicated support throughout the moving process, from initial planning to final delivery, thus alleviating the stress associated with international moves.

As experts in packing and house removals, we ensure your belongings are adequately protected for the journey, and they offer insurance for added peace of mind. We have a thorough knowledge of the customs regulations for various countries, which can be invaluable in avoiding delays or additional costs. Moreover, Movivan Removals offers flexible scheduling and competitive pricing, making the transition smoother and more affordable. 

Planning The Move

Create a Checklist

Creating a checklist for an international move can be a highly effective way to manage the numerous tasks involved. The list should include items like organizing documents (passports, visas, work permits, etc.), notifying relevant entities of your move (banks, schools, utilities, etc.), deciding what to pack and what to sell or donate, arranging for transport of pets if necessary, and securing an international removals company well in advance.

Timeline and Scheduling

Planning your timeline and scheduling in advance is critical for a successful international move. Start by determining your moving date and work backward, scheduling tasks appropriately. Remember to factor in sufficient time for the packing process, acquiring necessary documentation, and the transportation period itself which can take several weeks depending on the destination. Also, ensure you consider time zone differences if coordinating with international services or contacts.

Packing Tips and Techniques

Packing for international removals requires special attention due to the extended transit time and various handling points. Start packing early, use high-quality packing materials, and pack heavier items in smaller boxes for easy handling. Make sure each item is securely packed with enough padding materials to prevent damage.

Inventory and Labelling

Creating an inventory of your belongings before packing helps track items and eases unpacking at your destination. Detail the contents of each box on your list and assign numbers or color codes to boxes for easy identification. This inventory can also be crucial for insurance purposes.

International Moving Services

Insurance Importance

Insurance is critical for international removals because it provides financial protection against the loss or damage of your items during the move. Despite the best packing and handling, unforeseen incidents such as accidents, natural disasters, or theft can occur during transit. Having insurance ensures you can recover the value of your belongings in such events.

Types of Insurance Coverages

There are several types of insurance coverage options for international removals. ‘Total Loss’ coverage pays out if all your belongings are lost, while ‘All Risk’ coverage covers individual items that are lost or damaged. The type of coverage you choose, as well as the deductible and coverage limit, will affect the cost of the insurance.

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