Small Removal Services

When you have just a few items that need moving, our small removal service could be the right fit. Most part moves have to be budget-friendly. Give us the details we need and we will do our best to give you the lowest possible price. Our moving crews will provide the same service standards to all moving sizes – from a mansion to a mini move. 

Small Removals

What Is Small Removals?

A small removal or partial move refers to the relocation of a limited amount of belongings or a smaller volume of items from one location to another. It is typically undertaken when individuals or families are completing a partial house move or office relocation, but rather a portion of their possessions. This service is convenient for those who are downsizing, temporarily relocating or need to transport specific items without the full-scale services associated with larger moves.

How Much Will Cost?

The average part load service cost when using Movivan Services is £240. Moving just a single item locally will cost much less. The final small move cost will depend on how many movers you will require and the distance. Based on our almost a decade experience 86% of the mini moves we do require our flexible man and van service. If needed, we can add an extra helper for only £16.00 per hour. An extra helper might be needed when we need to transport large and heavy furniture.

Do Small Moves Include Packing?

Yes, we can provide boxes and packing if needed. This extra service is most common when enquiring about home removal help. The amount of time we will need to pack and the costs related to both services will depend on the number of items you have. It is most likely we will need to send a team of 2 removal men.

Can I Travel In The Van?

We can give you a lift to your new home, but only if it is locally within London. We advise all our customers to find an alternative method to reach the new address, but in the worst case scenario we will try to help and arrange something for you.

Do You Offer Fixed Prices For Mini Moves?

Yes, we offer fixed prices for small moves, but with a specific condition. Since small moves typically involve fewer items, we don’t conduct in-person surveys for these. Instead, we determine a fixed price based on the details you provide about the move, such as the item size, destination, and any special handling required.

Can I Schedule Small Removals For Evenings Or Weekends?

Yes, you can schedule a move for evenings or weekends to accommodate your convenience. However, please note that moves scheduled during these times incur an additional night shift charge. This charge compensates for the extra resources and staffing required to facilitate moves outside of standard business hours.

Do I Need To Help?

No, you are not required to help during the move. Our team of professional movers is fully equipped and trained to handle all aspects of the moving process, from packing and loading to transportation and unloading. Your role is primarily to provide necessary instructions and oversee the process to ensure your satisfaction with our service.

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